The Spirituality of Wine by Tom Harpur

The Spirituality of Wine

Few things in life can compare with the experience of sitting at a table, enjoying fine food, and taking the time to share a glass of wine. Such moments make us rich beyond compare. They transform our souls and help us vibrate with the sheer joy of being alive. Here is a sweeping look at the deep connection between wine and spirituality from ancient times to today. A feast for the senses, this book overflows with apt quotations, spiritual wisdom, and lavish images. The Spirituality of Wine is a book to be treasured by wine lovers of every persuasion.

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For information on a colourful and light-hearted 3-part documentary film on the cultural appeal and symbolism of wine, see The Spirit of New Wine. This film was produced by Love One On Productions on location in the Napa and Sonoma regions of California, and features interviews with Tom Harpur and others.