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"Is it really great to have a limited collaboration?" I was thinking about the second batch of TAGHeuer pieces produced by the Japanese streetwear brand FragmentDesign, which will come out in June this year. It's a series of contradictions organized in the best possible way. He comes from the Formula 1 TAG family, but has a Heuer 02. movement and a price higher than most Carreras except the Monaco, inspired by the vintage Heuer " Vice Roy " Autavia 1163, but presented as a completely modern piece, without mentioning the Autavia Vintage Heuer logo. Wearing a rigid, modern replica Tag Heuer chronograph, the Hall is definitely interesting.

Tag Heuer Carrera CV2014.BA0794 Mens Steel With Black Dial

Limited Collection

This is the second collaboration between replica Tag Heuer and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the founder of Japanese streetwear Fragment design. The first collaboration was done in 2018 using the Fragment design of the Carrera Huia 02. When this new work returned in June, I initially read the material and thought I was wrong. The Formula 1 series tends to treat design very differently. However, this is the first model in the series that not only belongs to the Formula 1 family, but uses the most beautiful watch Heuer 02.

Fragment Design Heuer 02 has some vintage Autavia elements, but the Formula 1 collection (updated five years ago in 2015) has shared much with the third generation Autavia of the late 1960s. The original Autavia chronographs, which debuted from 1962 to 1969, had a small rectangular case with built-in lugs and offered a traditional round case until the now iconic C-shaped case came along. The current F1 cases are mainly taken from the current generation of Autavia, especially the old Heuer "Viceroy" Autavia 1163, which had the greatest influence on the design of the Fragment Heuer 02 with its black and red color scheme and Double Register layout. which had the greatest impact on the design of the Fragment Heuer02 with its black and red color scheme and Double Register layout.


On the old "Viceroy" Autavia1163, there is no time stamp on the white register - the Panda dial with the date window inside the frame (the date window itself stays at 6:00). I like it. The dial is extremely ironic, so ironic that it makes it difficult to carry a photo (but now the chronograph no longer paints). Since the second hand is now no longer painted, the indexes no longer apply and there are no longer any concentric dots or guilloch dots, and the largest black dial will look like a matte layer of water, sometimes covered with a layer of scarlet and white. The other side of the deep red sapphire case is what the layout means, and I'm really vague about that. Sure, it doesn't often look cool, but it has to do with Fujiwara's layout. Even so, I don't feel solid in either direction.


The movement Heuer 02-is its exclusive version of replica Tag Heuer and was revamped and released in 2017. As mentioned above, the Heuer 02 was first used within the F1 line of replica watches, but is no longer actually used. It is the ultimate. The preferred clock has a second redial at 6 p.m., but this drawing has been removed from the dual log-in layout: a 12-hour dial at 9 a.m. and a 30-minute dial at 3 p.m. Again, this is similar to the " Viceroy " Autavia 1163 (and the different Calibre 11/12 chronographs). It runs progressively at a rate of 28,800 per hour and has a power reserve of 80 hours per hour, which is correct, now that the power reserve is no longer available.


Bracelet fragment design Heuer 02-is indeed a new bracelet with five links in a festive style. This can be very handy (you can't pull your hair) and the combed head and shine will alternate to finish off the hand. The neatly folded butterfly clasp is clean, as there is no logo or branding to be found. The sculptural design of the Heuer 02 is not expressed in the word "minimal", a testament to Tag Xavier and Mr. Fujiwara. These watches strive for simplicity by editing and removing the standard design elements of the Heuer Chronograph. Hello. I can confidently say that I am an avid fan of these replica atches.

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