Water Into Wine

WATER INTO WINE: An Empowering Vision of the Gospels

The Sequel to The Pagan Christ... Read More

The Spirituality of Wine


A sweeping look at the deep connection between wine and spirituality from ancient times to today... Read More

The Pagan Christ

Recovering The Lost Light

This is Harpur's most radical and groundbreaking work to date. "Number 1 national non-fiction best-seller in 2004" - The Toronto Star... Read More

Living Waters

LIVING WATERS: Selected Writings on Spirituality

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Prayer - The Hidden Fire, Finding the Still Point, and The Spirituality of Wine.

Questions? For a detailed response to The Pagan Christ by the author, please see appendix D in the trade Nordstrom Couponpaperback version of the book. The subsequent book, Water Into Wine, delves further into some of the queries raised by The Pagan Christ.

Would You Believe Prayer The Hidden Fire For Christ's Sake The Uncommon Touch Finding The Still Point God Help Us